Drink Pink & Keep Cool

La Grange’s quaffable Rosé “Drink Pink” and the fruity fresh white wine are for the young connoisseurs who like it fresh, tangy, with a lightly residual sweetness. They are great summer wines for the younger and those who remained young. They taste just as nice mixed or as a wine cocktail on ice.

Native Olive Oil Extra

The olive oil from La Grange is a selected oil of absolute purity. It is extracted from the three autochthonous and very aromatic olive varieties Lucque, Clermontaise and Amellau. The olive trees are located close to the garrigue and surrounded by pristine nature. Once yielded by hand, the olives are immediately cold-pressed and purified only by sedimentation. This makes the oil particularly mild and pure. The aromas remind of walnut, fresh grass and spicy herbs.